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NBAfags get in here, Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors

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Lebron James - 5 fifth straight final. Doing it without Kevin Love. Would be a Hollywood shit if he wins it for his hometown even though he said it would take years in his letter last year.

Kyrie Irving: Good scorer and passer, but doesn't have the basketball IQ to properly run the offense.
David Blatt: First time in NBA, Euroshit league for most of his career.


No finals experience from any player.

Steph Curry: Best 3pt shooter of all time time, regular season MVP. Klay Thompson is currently the 2nd best 3pt shooter right now.

Draymond Green
Neil Patrick Harris aka Steve Kerr:

Played with GOATS Jordan and Tim Duncan.
Played under GOATS Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich.

Phoenix Suns GM.

NBA analyst for many years.
Used to be a point guard, PGs are more often coaches than any other position.
5-time NBA Champion.

Even though Kerr is a first time coach, he has all the right tools to get the job done.





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Good post, can't believe Cavs actually got to the finals and GSW is a sort of surprise. Definitely disagree with Steph Curry being number 1 3point shooter, thats an obvious lie. Steve Kerr's credentials are way above his station. He was good but the Jordan Duncan Phil Jackson Coach Pop stuff is easily above him.

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Steph isn't the best 3pt shooter?
 He has the record with the most 3 pters in a single season at 44%.
Kyle Korver has the highest % at like 48 or 49, but he only scores 12pts a game, plus he's a catch and shoot guy. He sucked in the playoffs. He couldn't go for the same volume that Klay and Steph does and keep his percentages.

In 2012-2013 Steph shot 45.3 % at 22.9 ppg average over 78 games. Show me a better shooter than him. Closest that comes into mind is Steve Nash at 47% for 16.9ppg, but I'm sure that Steph could have a higher percentage if he was more conservative.

Very few rookie head coaches come in with a better resume than Steve Kerr. His team had 67 wins this year. There have been teams in the past which were way more stacked in the past but still couldn't win as much because the coaches didn't know how to utilize them all effectively. But as long as Kerr is better than Blatt, that's all that matters. Lebron is the real coach of the Cavs.


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