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What music r u idiots listening to?

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I have a bunch of friends into freight hopping, monikers, sleeping in dumpsters, and doing drugs under bridges. The lifestyle wears on you quickly and then you're old and wrinkled with no life skills. This video made me want to be the opposite of them. You can't busk for change your entire life.

​I always wanted to freight through the US, but yeah any long term lifestyle choices that include drugs, sleeping on the street and performing for strangers probable isn't going to be viable long term ahaha

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​yea migos are my shit also, every rapper is jacking their style now though its annoying as hell

they're not gonna enlighten you or change your perspective on life but they go harder than fuck

​Yeah they do, gotta say Nawside is my favorite song of theirs at the moment.
I also dig Came to Party a lot, good fucking pump up song for going to a party.

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