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Anyone turnt up for the night?

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​wow. you cant base an arguement you know very little about on the knowledge that you can google everything. i went to a catholic grammar school and a mixed school, done history at both, got A at GCSE and Alevel which is the test you do to determine what university/collage you attend. Also done history at queens university for a year + the little fact i've lived here for 21 years. so im pretty sure i've got a good concept of what happened lol.


im not a socialist and never said i would support a party based on this? but given the choice of either having everyone equal in terms of treatment in society or having everyone want to kill eachother, its obvious what im gonna choose when you consider how long we've had to put up with this bullshit. again i never said loyalists were the edl, i said they are basically a northern irish version of the edl and you're twisting my words, theres a difference between being against immigration and being against killing off a countries population then replacing it with your own, im also not against anyone from Britain immigrating here whatsoever.


your clubs stop allowing entry at 3? ours close at 2-3. i dont mind if a government decides this for a good reason such as alcohol, but not on the basis of "oh but we're a good christian country" well im not christian so why do i have to stop drinking at 2? again just one example but a relevant one, applies to Christianity as a whole


im not gonna break down the last paragraph because its too long but basically if you were to read up about this or study, which i am the only one here to do so, it would take you a very long time to take everything in and you would learn that pretty much the only reason england invaded ireland was because they feared the spanish would use ireland as a platform to attack them, sounds fair enough tbh but its what came after thats fucked. they forced the irish from the north out of the north, not because they were catholic but because they were irish and england wanted the land. so england then brought over tons of ships with eng+scottish settlers and claimed parts of ireland as its own. fast forward a few centuries and tension gets to a point where all out civil war occurs, the english settlers have now been here for years and understandably see the land as their own as they were born here while the irish want their country reunited, as would any nation. fighting occurs, the english dont leave and instead bring more troops and people over to settle, parties such as the ira, uvf, uda are formed, thousands die and eventually ireland is forced to sign off half the country because one of the leaders (whos name i cant remember but u can easily google) of the irish gov was bribed and/or threatened to do so. fighting continues up until the 1960s when it again becomes a form of civil war (the troubles)and thousands more die, a few decades later everyone decides enough is enough and too many have died, ireland is too small to defeat england in a war no fucking shit, more people live in london than the whole of ireland.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cromwellian_conquest_of_Ireland like i said if you're gonna get into it you've got a shit load to read but the opening paragraphs here are a starting point, basically england had failed to conquer ireland numerous times, eventually sent in cromwell who ruined the country, destroying it from top to bottom, killed a vast majority of the population oh and yeh started a fuckin famine which killed around half the population. i cant give you exact figures as it was like 500 years ago.


you realise this is like me trying to argue with you about australia and australian politics, basing my entire argument of what id heard and what wikipedia says

tldr: i actually studied history

​History is a pretty vast topic, one year is far from expertise. Also I cited wiki like once and not even in that post, I'm referring almost entirely to my own knowledge, I have however been a lover of history my entire life.

Thats how those 70,000,000 dead from ruski communism probably felt pre-communism, its all utopia and paradise until you get there.They're not the edl theyre just the edl in NI? Sounds a lot like a comparison to me. Mass immigration is genocide via out breeding, it fits in with the Geneva definition and all. Theres a difference between being a soldier in cromwells army and being a farmer or fisherman.

Was merely trying to show that legislation is fucked everywhere, even here in what is really not a religious nation at all. I don't really care when you drink or where.


As the article you posted cites, these methods weren't out of the ordinary at the time and death tolls could also have been embellished later on. Regardless from what I just looked through and it says it blatently that losses on both sides were bad throughout the war. You're talking about a time in history when people believed they could hunt animals forever with no fear of extinction, Whatever the percentage of people killed doesn't matter unless the starting population size is significant, statistics are for fags. The Spaniards weren't known for being gentle people at this period of time in the world, little over a century after the inquisitions. Choose your poison, Ireland still loses.


Edit: Ask your university about the English language also please, reading that was a task.

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Dear Mr. Zantarax and Mr. OhMyGawdzz,

   I am so sorry for making the mistake of wishing every member on this website a happy Saint Patrick's Day.  I thought it would be a sincere and kind thing to do as seeing that it is a recognized holiday.  I had no foresight into the topic that there was a disagreement between different nationalities of this community regarding the topic of the holiday and other various topics to do with it.  Some day I hope that you can use your forgiving heart to allow yourself to grant me freedom on this one sed mistake on my part.  To repay this community for my blunder I will give you all love, long time long time.



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