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Old thec0re shit from broken hard drive

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Recovering one my hard drives and found an assortment of shit from tc.

Starting with resident dumbass junnez:

What a cute danskid he was. The following will demonstrate the terrible effect meth has on fellers like these.

The subject becomes attracted to pointless metal things. He also begins to develop a horrible facial affliction and becomes retarded.

Finally he contemplates suicide while the facial affliction has completely destroyed his once clean skin. He is now fully retarded and incapable of common sense. I use this photo as my facebook picture.

These were found in junnez personal masturbation folder:

You sick fuck junnez

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This guys name I cannot remember but he was cool and a sexual deviant.

This was karpal-tunnals beautiful girlfriend.

The man himself in all his glory.

The irish pixie.

spazy bottom left being eyed by the mudslime behind him.


th0ughts knife.

naskos accurate interpretation of me.

pictures th0ughts drew of ghost.


nasko and I playing css one day

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Zan and I playing gmod together years ago

Wirmwares appreciation thread for karpal

vent 2009/2010

karpals drawing of his classroom

karpals drawing of a man cumming in porn movies.


I just found my old photobucket account.

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Spazy got so fucking butthurt when I pretended to be one of his paintball friends on facebook and then leaked all of his pictures. He talked so much shit. I miss his though.

​My favorite is still when he was talking in vent one night about paintball events he's won for like 10 minutes straight and I asked what his K/D was

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​Nope, only these 3.

lold at the fact you have photos of sanjuros dog you fucking freak hahah

Seriously, this whole thread is a sad tribute to the sick desires of an autistic australian boy.

​Save everything faggot

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