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What is everyone up to now?

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​if you find some throw it over this way. I swear to god London is like DRUG-FREE except for weed, molly, coke and ketamine

​K is my FAVORITE! It's hard to find outside of the music festival scene here in the states, though. If you want some DMT hit up the dark net or look into acid base alkaloid extractions.

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I sit around in my underwear and eat cinnamon toast crunch cereal bars.

I feel like tC was kind of a support group and some people didn't know how to cope when it disbanded.  Glad we are all here again. Love you guys. 

the estrogen is strong in this thread

Just so you know Quinn, I forgive you. I know we had a little bit of a falling out, but now that you explain the heroin I feel like I understand everything a little better.

​That's good to hear man.. it really is... I did a lot of shit I regret but it was mostly because I was a young, angry and confused drug addict with a bad habit of self sabotage. It was something I battled with for years but I have over came it all. That's why I left West Virginia. Just wanted to put that whole part of my life behind me. Always valued your and your brothers friendship though..always hated how shit went down..

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​Buy some mimosa bark off the net, look up a methanol extraction guide, do grade 7 science and extract your very own dmt.ORRRRRRR

You guys could always just use the deepweb, pretty much everything there, just waiting to be purchased.


​You ever extract DMT? It may be grade 7 science but the likelyhood of you having everything you need to do the extraction process is unlikely.

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​You ever extract DMT? 

​No mimosa go made illegal to import here around the same time as i was trying to really get DMT. It's a pretty simple process though I read the tek about 100 times before just opting with the deepweb, considering if its illegal either way might as well just get some quality shit. DMT is definitely my favourite drug though, had some fucking intense trips on it without any discomfort or bad vibes ever. Thats just me though.

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