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Lets talk sports.

UFC 182 tomorrow night, Jones vs Cormier possibly the most anticipated and hyped mma fight in history. The weigh ins just happened and im super horny for this shit.

Jones is the best pound for pound fighter on earth, possibly ever, so i've got him to win but just about. DC is a fucking beast and the definition of championship material and following all the recent media coverage im startin to believe the hype aswell. Who you guys got?

Jones via decision

Cerrone to beat Jury, probably TKO

Marquardt to beat Tavares

Lombard to fucking murder Burkman




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I used to love boxing until i got into mma, now i cant watch it, its so fucking boring and unrealistic + the fact there is 1 maybe 2 big names in the boxing world now and 1 of them is a huge fucking pussy who only cares about money, the rest are 40+ years old or fighting bums to boost their records.

MMA has like 20+ massive PPV selling names, guys you actually wana see fight and for the first time ever you'll find yourself watching an entire card of fights rather than just main even with say mayweather in it.

Check out anderson silva and jon jones highlight reels, you'll be not believe what youre watching especially if you know the level of fighter theyre slappin around

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