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Every single night without fail i spend atleast an hour looking for something to watch, so help a brotha out

I always have a few joints before bed so nothing that requires huge amounts of attention or too complex. I've seen seemingly every documentary ever made along with every good tv show from the uk/u.s/canada i reckon.

Im looking mainly for pop culture type documentaries such as Air Guitar Hero, American Scream, Super Smash Bros, basically anything to do with weird/interesting hobbies. As far as tv shows go im a huge fan of Eastbound and Down, Trailer Park Boys, Flight of the Concords, Kenny vs Spenny etc so anything similar?

I guess il list some shit i've watched and enjoyed recently incase you're in the same situation i am:

Cosmos - Neil DeGrasse Tyson, my nigga

ALL David Attenborough BBC wildlife docs, he just made a new series recently and its sweeeet

Louie - follows louie CK, kinda like curb your enthusiasm but better imo

Super Smash Bros - Ive never even played smash bros before but this youtube series is fucking awesome


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Lucky louie - Louis CK's first sitcom, starring louis ck, pamela adlon (voice of bobby from KOTH), mike hagerty, lil Jimmy Norton (voted boy with the sweetest smile in his neighbourhood) and Rick Shapiro

King of the hill - Mike Judge cartoon (did beavis and butthead. also if you saw it when you were younger and hated it it's worth rewatching)

Dark Days - doco about the mole people of NYC that live in the cities underground railway system

Vikings - tv/action

true detective - tv/murder mystery

wentworth - tv/australian womens prison drama. Better than it sounds, lots of violence. Shits all over orange is the new black

Black mirror - U.K so you've probably seen but a weird as fuck miniseries

Summer heights high AND Jonah from tongah - Summer heights follows 3 Chris Lilly characters at an average Australian public school/ Jonah from tongah is a followup series on IMO the best character

Housos - Australias sort of attempt at TPB, but different in a lot of ways.

American Horror story season 1 & 2. Unless you like Lib garbage then continue.

Firefly - tv/scifi

Also I saw Interstellar last night and it were great. I might remember some stuff later, my external HD with all my stuff on it died so this is basically what I have atm

   Edit: It was on Junnez's thing but if you haven't seen fringe, thats a cool show also
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thats more like it cheers zan

for anyone who likes sport try downloading old ufcs, i started with that a few years ago and now im fully hooked, same with my friends. last i checked you can get them all online or torrent sites like piratebay, id reccomend ufc 82 and 100 to start with, theyre my fav 2 cards plus u get to see brock lesnar smash


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Free to Play was a good doc about Dota players that I really enjoyed. There's also some tf2 doc that I can't remember the name of at the moment but I'm sure it's easy to find on youtube.

Idk how into anime you are but I just finished the most recent episode of Parasyte and it has been super good so far so I would recommend that.

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Did you watch Free to play, the Dota2 documentary following I think ti3?

Also in way of graffito docos Style wars is my alltime favourite.
I remembered blades of blood as well, some korean film but its great

​Yea saw it like 6-7 months ago and made me install dota 2, id never bothered converting from wc3 until then, im a retard

I watched some Netflix shit on north korea, honey badgers and a tf2 doc yday, i need a fucking job

forgot to say in the main post, watch The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarter, Chasing Ghosts: Beyond The arcade and Special When Lit, the first too are so fucking good and special when lit is about pinball and amazing, prob 3 of my top 5.12 docs

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