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I still don't think of the seagulls as a real team especially after that Superbowl. Piss all over Russell Wilson and his band of shitters, O Brady the Destroyer of Worlds, General of Belichick the Great and Glorious. May he be vanquished only by Manning two, "Bradys Bane" Eli the Giant.

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I really want Patriots to win, but I think the Seabirds are gonna take this one.

​Word on the street is that the patriots cheated by deflating balls, making them easier to grab and throw apparently. As each team provides their own offensive balls. I know nothing about american throwball but I feel like I fit in now.

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​Patriots prove themselves to be the real dynasty while seagull pretenders limp back to Seattle with clipped wings

​Seahawks would have won if they ran the fucking ball instead of shitting all over their efforts by passing with 2 fucking yards to go.

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