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  1. junnez one day im gon smack you upside the head, i promise yo
  2. youre also currently gay lul​
  3. hey guise long time x gimme you fags' details, i cba coming on here much due to inactivity so leave contact details and such if you want others to converse with you and what not [email protected] [email protected] 07719271249 mobilé ohmygawdzz @ steam https://www.facebook.com/damien.watson.7 @ fb msg if ur a bitsch hate u guys
  4. i just moved into a new apartment so i have no internet for the next like 2 weeks sad story i know </3
  5. ​na i only listen to the hard road restrung tbh lol, theyre still my jam
  6. I have go and actually get decent connection on U.K servers, get a real timezone and we can play :)

    1. OhMyGawdzz


      i have no internet for like the next 10 days or so fuck sakes. il slap that ass soon

  7. this is my sidebar now

  8. life aint shit but a phat vagina

  9. its not for the money and its not for the applausseeee nooo HUHNN NAAHHH NANANA
  10. i feel every post from ghost and zant should acknowledge their countries beatles. a simple "thanks h00ds" would suffice
  11. the yam is the power that be
  12. hilltop hoods>australia
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