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  1. Don't know why but randomly googled the site, wasn't going to sign up, but here I am, it be like that. Sad to hear about Raeddon and my condolences for any of you close to him. As for me, lifes been good and bad. Got pretty lucky with a startup, then some things in my life went sour and I got into a lot of legal trouble, ended up deported and banned from one country. Went back to AU then got myself in more trouble with a GBH charge, but thankfully that got dropped and I was able to get my life together. Now I work remotely for a tech startup building AI and bounce around the world, lived in South America for a while and I'm currently living in SEA but will move to Germany soon.. Good to see that all of you are doing well. Also JuNNeZ, I hope you stopped wearing socks and sandals.
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