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  1. Vaping?

    Way to generalize, poonez. Also >not that hard I presume you speak out of experience?
  2. Vaping?

    Any of you guys into vaping? I started off with a cheap eGo style pen but I just got an Aspire Atlantis RTA and will be getting a box next week (iStick 50W). I still smoke cigarettes but just with my mates (not by myself anymore). inb4 it's just a fad/vaping is for pussies
  3. Chatroom Thread

    ​are you high
  4. I. Am. Stoned.

    You don't get strains in Europe unless you live in Holland, or you know where the weed comes from (grown by you/friend etc..). Most of the times whatever strain the dealer will tell you it is, it's complete bullshit. So at the moment, I'm currently smoking "Amnesia" and "Lemon Haze" and I (often) smoke hash I get from this Algerian dude. He doesn't even bother telling me the strain name, and I don't really ask, either.
  5. Server Moved - No more downtime.

    ​I think you should ditch the pessimistic-with-a-hint-of-counter-culture attitude if you want to get anywhere in life, lol. Also, how would someone like you crush someone like him?
  6. Server Moved - No more downtime.

    lololol there's always someone trying to DDoS us
  7. Downtime

    I'm getting downtime as well. RENEGADE WHAT IS GOING ON
  8. Shit to watch?

    Vice documentaries!
  9. is it happy new year?

    happy new year guys.

    lol that was good

    JuNNeZ is a nigger no wait, he's white a snake that slithers and his pants is tight
  12. fucking help


    tux you short faggot, our bars go over your head i don't care who you rep, i don't fuck with what you said. shoutout to sanjuro for keeping it real almost made me cry, overwhelm me with feels
  14. Craft Beer?

    I don't know what craft beer is, but I enjoy a good Corona. Also, Heineken and Carling are really good (though I prefer Carling more) inb4 guinness. that shit is disgusting, sorry.
  15. Add me on Snapchat

    ​you're pretty attractive yourself #nohomotho