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  1. ​They should reward you instead. What a bunch of silly kids.
  2. It actually wasn't from tap, just tapped in Germany.
  3. JuNNeZ


    I don't eve-.... Why!?
  4. JuNNeZ


    ​Worst hookup; your mom.
  5. ​Nah, you just fuck anything with a pulse.
  6. You telling me to submit, you fucking half-wit I'll beat you down, treating you like a kid you're no master, you have no skill reading your raps are sure to make me ill I'm gonna leave you low, I'll wreck your flow I'm ten times the man you'll ever know.
  7. ​That would be my dream, that man is a national treasure.
  8. ​I tried it once, it was tapped in Germany. It didn't taste as bad as most americans have me believe.
  9. I spoke to Renegade. we're getting DDOS'd because he uploaded a video about the LizardSquad.
  10. ​Good to see you and what a awesome feature.
  11. ​He's too nice to be in the friendzone.
  12. The only thing wrong with handegg is that there's so many stops and breaks, so it takes 3 hours to watch a single match.
  13. Handegg is a great sport, fun to watch.
  14. ​We can get Danny Trejo to play Tux.
  15. Ravens are one of the worst teams in the NFL.
  16. Industry in the house playin' the fiddle Not rapping himself, because he's so little Got that beard growing, like he's the man Acting like there is an actual span Between his balls and his body, his beard and his face He doesn't give a fuck about your race He's gonna beat you down with an iron bar After that you won't walk far...
  17. ​I'm already dead, I'm the ghost of JuNNeZ haunting you from the past.
  18. That's the list of my most seen series. House MD, Marco Polo, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Orange is the new black and Parks and Rec.
  19. I just found this really cool song called: Darude - Sandstorm (2014 Remix) It's pretty great and unique.
  20. Katy Perry is awesome and so is her music. I really hope the Vikings win. (I know the Vikings are not in the playoffs)
  21. ​ ​Basically what OmMyGawdzz already said, the prisons I'm talking about is for low-level crime, but even the high security ones have it quite good. We see prison as a behavioral institution meant to improve on the prisoners and change their ways.
  22. ​Dude are you even for real? Back in the day, Rapidshare was the shit.
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