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  1. ​Yeah, I don't get how he didn't figure out that we're basically 3 people portraying as 10.
  2. I'm not sure such botnets are possible anymore.
  3. ​Oooh. look at me, so awesome. I forgot I looked that cool. Here's a picture taken like 30 seconds ago:
  5. Is he really that obsessed with us that he spies on us?
  6. ​"big bag" what are you, an dyslexic jerk?
  7. ​You're for faggots you homophobic fag!
  8. ​I know that people post pictures of their food. I'm eating coffee right now, it tastes swell.
  9. ​The seaparrots fucked up. That's their own fault.
  10. I've never smoked cannabis, look at me, I'm mr. awesome.
  11. ​Protip: Drink water, lots of water.
  12. Wait, did I take a wrong turn and go on instragram?
  13. How random is it, that it happens at the same time as we launch this community?
  14. JuNNeZ


    ​At least we're not a motherfucker like you.
  15. It's the reptilian underground people trying to steal your data.
  16. ​Why do don't you take a seat over there, while the adults talk?
  17. Banging your head, claiming it's dead, you've been smooking too much bread, Look at me getting it back like Jesus, Acting like I'm a god damned genius, Look at me, Look at me, flying and I won't stop I'm so good, I feel alive and on top. (I stole the two bottom lines, guess where they're from)
  18. JuNNeZ


    ​I love you too.
  19. ​Educate yourself you silly Sheepfucker.
  20. JuNNeZ


    Get a new Chrome or Chrome Ultra.
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