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  1. ​Yeah, you're right. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. ​I've always been here. I've just been busy doing real life stuff.
  3. ​Yes, as I said, I'm terrible bad at them.
  4. Why the fuck did you save personal pictures of me and my family? That's really creepy.
  5. ​Or I actually speak to people OUTSIDE the forums?
  6. ​Nah man, you're just retarded, there's a difference.
  7. ​Nah man, you're just retarded, there's a difference.
  8. Jericho is the shit, for real. Lillyhammer is pretty fun. Also Welcome to Sweden.
  9. nur5 is not from Romania, he's from Iraq and lives in the UK now.
  10. Wait, Element is in jail? Since when? Also: I would love to prank-call, unfortuneatly I'm bad at holding the mask.
  11. You can enable signatures already under your profile, I've been using one for weeks.
  12. I love living in Denmark, it airs and uploads while I sleep. Also you can watch that shit on Netflix, they're the sponsors behind it.
  13. Why are he not playing, why are he repeating himself over and over? Why does kids like cinnamon crunch!?
  14. II'm guessing they use https://en.gravatar.com/ and so does this forum.
  15. Yeah, my IQ is probably in the lower 70's.
  16. Share your goods, I could use a proper chili recipe.
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