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  1. There's so much graffiti round in Aalborg, I could go around and photograph some and share it with you.
  2. ​but but but, that's just how they chose to portray their persona, it's a catchy swedish song by a band called Caramell. It's techno-pop.
  3. ​M8!! ARR YE TREEEEYING TAH CHALLANGAHAH MEEAHAA!? 10/1 would fight me.
  4. So I saw some Danish graffiti while waiting for the bus, can anyone tell me what the fuck this is supposed to mean, I can read it says "AWS" and then I guess the other ones are the names of the guys who did it, but is there like a thought behind the style and such, please enlighten me
  5. Ya'll got nothing called guilty, this is my guilty pleasure jam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvq9r6R6QAY
  6. GG WP, 9/8 would read again.
  7. ​I've heard that baths of milk are much more pleasant, but you just keep doing your thing.
  8. Moss grafitti is where its at. Would be fun.
  9. You guys are like speaking a whole other language. I barely understand half of it.
  10. All communists do is drink vodka and you saw how that went.
  11. JuNNeZ


    ​MFW Industry offers me his weirdly tan cock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxSI1QsIo8g
  12. What would happen if you mixed it with like vodka, do you get stronger vodka?
  13. JuNNeZ


    MFW I'm a cat, but think I'm Smaug
  14. JuNNeZ


    ​Yes, that is Industry. I think he's trying to look intimidating, but daring.
  15. JuNNeZ


    MFW I go half-fedora:
  16. ​Do I? I know that I have one, but I don't think I've ever used it for real.
  17. I'll just keep drinking my British whiskey and french cognac.
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