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  1. ​I agree fully with you, but we should just blame it on Renegade until he codes the support.
  2. JuNNeZ


    It's incredible and the short film is even better.
  3. ​It's not my fault that Ronald McRenegade hasn't incorporated webm support. :(
  4. RaidX is one of the most protective and paranoid people I know. Sometimes I try to decrypt his Facebook updates, but most times I give up.
  5. http://i.imgur.com/kQCD6KF.webm
  6. Hurr Durr, you guys are so funny. /end of heavy sarcasm.
  7. JuNNeZ

    hey guys

    I have Karpal Tunnal on my Skype, but it doesn't appear he uses it. [email protected], apparently his name is Brandon. I actually have most of the original active tC people, ri0t, Rusky, Darkness, Laptops, Wur3z, xxJackpotxx, Jake_bball ( can't remember his nick), Industry, Jayrat, Jayjay123, Jessica, Spencer, mthemapc, .nmK, Ohmygawd, Robertfixer ( Can't remember his nick), Roman (I think that's stll Ruksy?), El3m3n7 (Rusty), Shiftz (Shifty), Stakes, SteveO, SynBitz Seven, Wackid, Chaser, Fitzy (he's actually online), muv3, RaidX, Pato, Gospel, Adrees, blaKq, Renegade, DarkCha0s, cptp
  8. JuNNeZ

    hey guys

    I remember both, I spoke to Karpal Tunnal once, but that was back when messenger was a thing.
  9. ​I had them on steam, but I don't think they've been online for A WHILE.
  10. ​Shit man, I've got more beef than a texan cattle ranch owner, however, I don't give enough shits to do anything about it.
  11. Ok, these ones are legal graffiti, it's an shut-down amusement park, made into a cultural meeting place. I have seen a tiny amount of graffiti on a train, I'm still seeking for those: http://imgur.com/a/9OzFs#zl511Po
  12. Industry is one of the most hypocritical persons I know.
  13. JuNNeZ


    I've tried smoking, didn't get addicted, I even still have the pipe lying around and I smoke on it occasionally when I feel like it, but it's not hard to /not/ smoke. It's not like stopping breathing, you don't NEED to smoke, it's a fun recreational activity that also happens to be deadly.
  14. JuNNeZ


    ​Midway wife, midlife crisis, potatis = karftoffel. I get that it's like trendy and it's awesome to "smoke" something that tastes of strawberries, melon, vanilla or dick, and you should definitely vape instead of smoking tobacco. I also get that it's healthier than smoking real smokes, but god damn not smoking at all is like 3941% healthier.
  15. JuNNeZ


    Smoking is for wangsters and people with midway crisis, pick up your balls and stop smoking for good, it's not that hard.
  16. God dammit Smaxy, get your shit together and stop being a scrub.
  17. They remove most of it from trains, but people don't tend to graffiti the new trains. There's a place with a shitton of graffiti, that I'm going to take a couple of pictures of. I could see if I can find a train that has graffiti too.
  18. Race car? I didn't recognize any race cars?
  19. No, but I had a BANANAPHONE. *Laughter on a can here*
  20. I was stuck at a trainstation and decided to walk home, so I thought, hey, I promised you guys I would take some fancy pictures of street "art" and stuff, so I did. These weren't all of those I saw, but at some places, people stared at me when I took pictures with flash at night, so I decided to not take some of them.
  21. Oh no, how will I call people now!?
  22. ​gr8 m8 no d-b8 i r8 it an 8 i h8 2 b in an ir8 st8 but its my f8 hey m8 i apreci8 that u r8 it gr8 u wanna d8 and mayb masturb8 i can ask n8 and we can meet at the g8 dont b l8 gr8 b8 m8 i r8 it an 8/8 plz don't h8 gr8 b8 m8 cant even h8 so I r8 8 outta 8 Gr8 b8 m8. I rel8, str8 appreci8, and congratul8. I r8 this b8 an 8/8. Plz no h8., I'm str8 ir8. Cre8 more, can't w8. We should convers8, I won't ber8.
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