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  1. ​Hahaahahahaah! So sad and yet so awesome.
  2. ​Hahaahahahaah! So sad and yet so awesome.
  3. Well, Smaxy McBoison and I have been trying to keep posting, but two people creating content is barely activity. :P
  4. Haha, "higher standards". You're disqualified when you wear a fedora.
  5. I've seen prettier girls at the bus stops in the winter.
  6. It's going fine, just chilling. I'm going to Sweden for christmas to visit some of my moms family, so that's new.
  7. Are you bored? Are your like lacking insight and entertainment in your day to day life? Then come join me on this WoW private server. Use the friend-id: 23027 this way you'll get 75% extra XP when we level and you can even get a free boost to 60 to easy leveling with me! My in-game name is: Thelonius - Human Paladin. FOR THE ALLIANCE!! So go take a look at: http://wow-mania.com/ Join the dark-side! We've got cookies.
  8. I'll keep on checking until the internet itself dies.
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