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  1. Thanks bro, enjoying vacation and working a bit now.
  2. Woah chill, we have like 2 active members and I've never added you. So it can't be THAT many.
  3. I've been busy with school and failing an exam, so I gotta vacation and read up at the same time now.
  4. Why are you so sad? I'm back in action, I forgot about the site and now I'm here like:
  5. JuNNeZ

    hey guys

    It's just JuNNeZ, holla at me :D
  6. I made new signature for another forum:
  7. Shit man, in 1999, I was 6 years old, I would have been playing with sticks, dinosaurs and trucks.
  8. Can you smell what the Edge is cooking!?
  9. I'll reach that soon enough, I just need those cool pants and I'm home.
  10. Oh yeah, Party like it's 1999!
  11. Bitch please. I'm going for the musketeer.
  12. I just joined: So I can post in higher resolution now :D
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