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  1. I've destroyed or sold all of my old computers, I don't have it. I reckon it was uploaded to rapidshare back when it didn't suck.
  2. You're forgetting about the one girl, Jess.
  3. Anything: JuNNeZ PSN:TotallyNotJuNNeZ
  4. Doublepost: [URL=http://s159.photobucket.com/user/JuNNeZ_Photo/media/V16Bj4c00EJFHaXoqTV0jQ.gif.html]
  5. You guys need to realise that JuИИeZ is not JuNNeZ. You're hating on the wrong person.
  6. JuNNeZ

    LF & H

    ​He loves us, how can you blame him for following us everywhere?
  7. ​Totally, I broke down all the time, I cried every time you bad mouthed me. :'(
  8. I'll host the whole thing. Get your asses to Denmark.
  9. This was awesome. Isn't there like 5 on youtube?
  10. Pretty interesting, I wonder how it manages it.
  11. I'm on my second year of becoming a teacher in Math, Science and History. 21 year old and live alone in an apartment, where I enjoy life and have fun.
  12. I have a copy of all of the usergroups and the original .PSD from Pato.
  13. I especially remember ri0t and Gospel, they both put out their necks for me in more than one occasion.
  14. ​ ​I've missed you guys <3
  15. So as many of you probably remember, I used to dabble in photoshop. Over the many years, I've made quite a few avatars and signatures, backgrounds and what not for you guys. I compiled what I could find off the bat in a gallery: http://imgur.com/a/GZCYT
  16. I was the best troll of all time, you guys never suspected anything!
  17. You guys can't handle the truth! I am the one, the only, the Jizznes!
  18. So much love, and now I can spam you guys on a more intellectual and logical basis. Best Christmas Ever.
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