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  1. ​Such an aggressive young man. I can feel the love and warmth all the way here in cold Denmark.
  2. JuNNeZ

    Where's Tux?

    I remember him trying to recruit me as his spy and me playing along.
  3. JuNNeZ


    ​It would be awesome. It should be about community and fun, not about hacks and that stuff. However we could dabble in anything we set our mind for.
  4. ​Can't you just disable posting a guest, and make people login? Or fix the issue where it logs you off every time you log off.
  5. ​Is it happy new year?
  6. I use Skype for most of my communication these days. We can make a group-chat for all of us and it can function like a "shoutbox" or just random spouting.
  7. ​Remember we support you and your decision.
  8. ​Spazy or NoName, most likely Noname.
  9. aimb0t was also a site we used. Can't remember who was the owner though.
  10. ​​I don't have the patience nor personality for this.
  11. ​​I don't have the patience nor personality for this.
  12. It's amazing how awesome you guys are.
  13. ​​I don't have the patience nor personality for this.
  14. ​I hope you find the cure
  15. ​I don't have the patience nor personality for this.
  16. ​I'm 99.9% sure the other JuNNeZ is either NoName or Spazy.
  17. Guys, chillax. Everybody knows education =/= intelligence. We're all intelligent in our own way. I can speak 3 different languages and solve semi-advanced math, but I can't code, sing or dance.
  18. JuNNeZ

    LF & H

    It's most likely SpaZy or NoName.
  19. I was just thinking that the PR guy whould write news, handle the Facebook group, be awesome and generally active. I nominate Kiefer.
  20. ​Why in the world would I do that? The mans a legend, but I listen to modern music too.
  21. They're the best, I like every one of them.
  22. This was the bomb, we need a public relations guy if we're "re-kindling" this fire.
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