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  1. Everything with Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.
  2. We have a few craft beers here in Denmark. My favorite is by far Thy and Fur, who makes different varity of beer. My most favorite is Fur Vulcano and Fyn's Bryghus' Chili Beer.
  3. ​ ​ ​Why should I be bothered by a bunch of guys giving me shit over the internet? It's like you expect me to be a 13 year old girl with daddy issues, seeking approval of any men I meet. No matter how hard you try, you'll never bother me with any of your comments. I'm like energy, I'm always here in a some form and can never be destroyed.
  4. JuNNeZ


    ​Without hacks this time?
  5. JuNNeZ


    Au contraire, mon ami! There's infinite gameplay and if you care about graphics in a game, you're retarded. DOTA is fine game, but I don't like the style and feel of it.
  6. ​I take one day after the other, eat semi-healthy and go to yearly doctor checkups.
  7. ​ ​Sure you don't. You guys love me ;)
  8. JuNNeZ


    ​You're right, DOTA takes less skills and has worse graphics than Minecraft.
  9. JuNNeZ


    ​Yes you would. You're more gay than a transvestite orgy.
  10. Sorry, didn't fact-check: https://kickass.so/the-fappening-mega-compilation-celebrity-nude-leak-pics-vids-t9792650.html
  11. JuNNeZ


    ​You would know about level of gayness.
  12. JuNNeZ


    ​This was so gay that Neil Patrick Harris just followed me on twitter.
  13. JuNNeZ

    LF & H

    ​Yes please ban me, I would much prefer to not read the cancer of Zannyboi.
  14. https://oldpiratebay.org/torrent/12747442/Über-Pack-Complete-The-Fappening /thread
  15. ​Most likely more than that.
  16. JuNNeZ

    LF & H

    ​I'm not JuNNeZ, I just use his nick.
  17. I remember you made like 11 pages in thread on the course of like 3 hours?
  18. I remember the rap thread, it was awesome.
  19. This isn't you? Your name was Pipedreams when I talked to him.
  20. JuNNeZ


    Isn't Australia the Africa of the Western World?
  21. Defiantly Wackid's mom, if she has half the boobage he has.
  22. JuNNeZ


    ​I love all kinds of chili, not just the normal chili you buy in a grocery store. I bought a bunch of different chili pods, powders and raw ones. I used a bunch of raw ones to make a Chili Snaps. Some of the powders I can only use tiny amounts of, or I'll make it inedible.
  23. Darude - Sandstorm (Single Album)
  24. JuNNeZ


    I play Minecraft and random games. I've never been a competitive player
  25. I'm just sitting here, drug-free having never tried anything but alcohol.
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