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  1. ​What can I use this information for?
  2. It was actually brandy. ​ Do you shave your armpits?
  3. What can I use this for? I'm extremely confused. There's no passwords.
  4. Awesome post, looks like a fun game. Is it that zombie apocalypse game that came out in pre-alpha like 3 years ago?
  5. JuNNeZ


    My pants are tight, that's no lie I find it funny you want to play a bad guy you're from a country that's puppeteered by America why don't you move back to Africa join the apes and the toto you fag or I'll make sure you end up in a bodybag (No hate, just "defending")
  6. JuNNeZ


    I'm so bad at CS:S, that's why I got hacks in the first place. I bet you Industry is gonna own our asses with his pro TF2 skills.
  7. ​That's fake tits if I've ever seen any. ( I haven't :( )
  8. JuNNeZ


    ​As I've said, it appeals to different people, some people likes being creative, while others like to get good at a game and win over others. ​It's possible, if you see each block as a pixel, with a enough blocks, you can create the perfect circle. Or it'll be perfect in appearance.
  9. JuNNeZ


    I'm the guy to the right, if anybody is in doubt. The video is in danish so beware of silly words. There was like 12-14 people watching us do it. They're the one making noise. https://fbcdn-video-h-a.akamaihd.net/hvideo-ak-xpa1/v/t43.1792-2/1485392_10202597363192960_719166901_n.mp4?rl=2977&vabr=1985&oh=19880a62dc03eeb7812853401efc14b1&oe=54A35690&__gda__=1419991019_0379996909cb2fdf8112486d8a694ba5
  10. ​It's all good, it's better they "rag" on me than somebody else. I can handle it. I remember that thread, it was hilarious. Why would one man have so much, I mean, did you even watch it all?
  11. JuNNeZ


    I dish out lyrics, like I dish out meals J-boy is back, hold back the feels I don't care if you get in my way I'm fucking back and I'm here to stay I'm gonna rise like the phoenix fight like the Tigger, pulling the trigger I spit it hot like so don't be bitter
  12. This is pure gold. It's like Justin Timberlake - The Early Years.
  13. Don't know about worst, but this is either really bad or insanely good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_miGclPFGs​ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_miGclPFGs
  14. I'm almost inclined to trade some craft beers with you guys. Could be fun to taste USAbrew.
  15. ​Did you drop him on his head, because you tried to lick the wrapper?
  16. JuNNeZ


    ​When you put it like that, I guess it's pretty straight forward.
  17. ​That doesn't make any sense, if I was actively seeking your approval, I would do something to get it. You guys have a twisted view on certain things.
  18. JuNNeZ


    Ok, but you have to admit that there's limited gameplay no matter what you say. At some point, even if its after 2000 hours, there's nothing more to do or it stops being fun.
  19. ​I have whiskey, cognac, gin and galliano.
  20. JuNNeZ

    The dark net

    ​You sell your mother and sister to the Assyrian army where they'll be used in the breeding program. Then you'll get a parcel in which is a compass and some coordinates, you have to follow these until you find a leprechaun named Nancy, he'll give you whatever you desire and then you have to go back home and explain why you sold your mother and sister, when you could just have bought the shit for actual money.
  21. ​I love this signature, it's so simple and well-made.
  22. JuNNeZ


    ​I ate a Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Blend, at the time, the worlds hottest chili. It was an intense and interesting journey.I really want to try the new California Reaper. If you want, I have a video of me and a friend eating the Moruga.
  23. JuNNeZ


    ​I'm afraid you've heard wrong. If however either of my parents decided to become a transvestite, I would support them all the way.
  24. JuNNeZ


    ​There's limited gameplay in DOTA, you can only play the maps and heroes a set amount of times, before it gets boring and you're basically just repeating everything you've already done. Minecraft has unlimited possibilities, you can decide to build what ever you want, you can even build computers and entire games inside this game. I bet you someone made a copy of DOTA in Minecraft. When you get bored of the main game after a while, you can begin modding and it opens up a whole new game. The possibilities is unlimited and you can pretty much do what ever you want. I'm not hating on DOTA here or saying Minecraft is better, I just find your limited view of both games weird and want to elaborate on how Minecraft is a sandbox where anything is possible.
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