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  1. ​You also get less drunk/fewer hangovers if eat while you drink.
  2. JuNNeZ


    ​I was never a big user on FKN, I never really posted or did much. I however joined tC right when it was new, and I quickly felt at home and spent the rest of my time here. We're no longer in it for the hacks, but for the community.
  3. ​It's about the same here too. It's also not illegal to try to escape, you just don't get out of because of good behavior.
  4. ​Yes, quite so. We borrow our most talented players to other countries.
  5. ​Ah, back when Rapidshare was actually good.
  6. ​I can arrange that ;)
  7. ​Yes, drinking lots of sugars and "White" alcohols, actually makes your hangovers less bad. However, drinking a glass of water in-between each drink said to give you almost no hangovers. As well as drinking as much water as you can before going to bed. If you add a pinch of salt to the water as well, you're almost guaranteed a hangover free morning.
  8. ​We're a football nation. However we don't do so well on the international scale. ​Yeah, I saw the snaps, you even gave me the finger :(
  9. ​Prisons here in Scandinavia is like vacation without freedom. For minor crimes such as theft, you get imprisoned with ability to play playstation, table-fussball and even watch tv.
  10. ​Salt, fat and water helps. Best hangover cure: Burger, Fries, Cola and Water.
  11. Yes. It's a guy portraying the thoughts of Gordon Freeman during the Black Mesa incident in Half-Life. He uses funny comments and changes to the maps to make it realistic, while also being in the style of Half-Life.
  12. ​I knew there was some lingering love for me, hidden deep inside you. :D
  13. I'll be the judge of that ;)
  14. ​No point, sometimes I say stuff just to say it. You might have noticed this tendency in the past.
  15. Nah man, it's because most them have "Brewing Location, name of beer" as their name. Eg. it was from New York, it could be called New York Brewery Pale Ale and etc. ​ ​It might be worth looking at this.
  16. Happy New Year to you and your families, may 2015 be much more awesome than 2014 ;)
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    Yes, I know it's bad english, it's in Danish. I'm that tan because of my genes. When I get tan it's for months and months, while eg. my sister gets tan for a couple of weeks.
  18. ​Ah, so it was a torrent? You know you can decide to keep single files within a torrent right?
  19. Oh my lord, this has only been like 5 years under way. I'm gonna watch all the episodes in row to celebrate.
  20. ​There's nothing wrong with shaving your armpit hair, I'm was genuinely curious.
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    ​Yeah, that's just something you say to give us a false sense of security.
  23. I'll look into how expensive it's going to be, however I'm not sure export/import of alcohol is allowed in the US?
  24. ​Why in the world would you keep the rest?
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