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  1. 27!? I thought you were older, you're only 2 years older than me. I thought for sure you were like 5-8 years older! :O
  2. No, I did not. It's so comfy. Good to hear you're doing great. Germany is a nice country. Close to Denmark.... Do I need to worry?
  3. My skype is the same as always, but I guess we could make a Discord. Renegade, you on that?
  4. It was down, I told Renegade, but yeah. This is old news.
  5. Renegade you and your wife are the best pair on my facebook feed, never something stupid. So thank you.
  6. This really really works.
  7. Afteryou! Hello, great to see you!
  8. Lazy damned non-danish non-university college level school system...
  9. 4, just imagine all the food I could hide in those. I'd be like Cancerboy with food for weeks.
  10. I have to sleep again now my school began, it's hard work.
  11. WAKE UP!? PUT ON A LITTLE MAKE UP!? (YOU WANT TO) EAT THE CORNFLAKES WITH FEET UP! (YOU WANT TO) Sleep is for the weak, stay strong my brother.
  12. Work is great, my boss loves me and my managers are my age, so it's all chill and good.
  13. He was joking, geez. It was heavy sarcasm, a thing Smaxy uses a lot. I'm guessing you have a butterfly, or a dove as a tattoo. You should stick around a chat with us, we're lonely on this site, Smaxy and I. I promise to not send or request nudes from you. Pwetty please?
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