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  1. New Contacts?

    My skype is the same as always, but I guess we could make a Discord. Renegade, you on that?
  2. Is it happy new year?

    It was down, I told Renegade, but yeah. This is old news.
  3. Chatroom Thread

    Renegade you and your wife are the best pair on my facebook feed, never something stupid. So thank you.
  4. Chatroom Thread

  5. Chatroom Thread

    This really really works.
  6. Oh really...

    Afteryou! Hello, great to see you!
  7. Chatroom Thread

    Floaters gonna float:
  8. Chatroom Thread

  9. Stupid Fucking Images

    Cool story:
  10. Chatroom Thread

    Lazy damned non-danish non-university college level school system...
  11. Stupid Fucking Images

    4, just imagine all the food I could hide in those. I'd be like Cancerboy with food for weeks.