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  1. Chatroom Thread

    I think a telegram group should be made so we can keep in touch faster through out the day or week ect I remember all of you :) I am 27 im getting old. But ya make a telegram group I haven't spoke to any of you in a while but I am still around and doing bad shit on the PC :) @Reneg4d3
  2. New Contacts?

    no clue what your skype is but ya im always on discord.
  3. New Contacts?

    Do you all have a discord or skype ect it would be nice to actually chat with you all again, so far the only people I have seen post is Smaxy, Renegade, Junnez.
  4. Chatroom Thread

    Damn bro you living it up nice :)
  5. History of tC

    You are still around bro lol didn't you own stinkycheats or skunkcheats?
  6. Oh really...

    All I see here is a bunch of ghey's :) jk I miss all of you Especially @JuNNeZ