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  1. Oh bite me, seen my tits-name my tattoo then. I've honestly never sent nudes to a stranger so unless my ex leaked my nudes (unlikely) nobody has seen them. Would rather not be associated as a person who sends dirty pics and would appreciate random men stopped adding me requesting them. Oh btw revenge porn is now a criminal offence so if someone is circulating nudes saying they're mine they better hope I don't find them.
  2. Don't who this Mike clown is but my snapchat is sophss-95 and I never have sent nudes to randoms and never will, he clearly just made list of snapchat names he found not knowing if they send nudes to make him look like a big deal when he's clearly just compensating for something. STOP ADDING MY SNAPCHAT AND EXPECTING NUDES I SWEAR ILL FIND YOU AND CHOP YOUR DAMN PENIS OFF.
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