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    MFW I'm still waiting for something interesting to happen.
  2. My steam name is EnterUnCreativeName and my profile picture is an adorable kitty cat.
  3. smaxy


    I'll stick to my 40oz, stupid technology.
  4. Counter Strike: Global Offensive pubstar here.
  5. ​I can feel you there. Sooner or later things will get better though.
  6. Test signature, good work bye the way.
  7. ​We should see some man breasts.
  8. smaxy

    Ayy lmao m8s!

    I believe this can brighten your Christmas. www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULesybnILFs
  9. ​This blew my mind. I am actually sad that no one pointed this out...
  10. I'd assume Chris Hansen caught up to Rusty,
  11. smaxy

    Ayy lmao m8s!

    ​Nah, I woke up a little bit after Christmas in 2010.
  12. smaxy

    Ayy lmao m8s!

    Not quite, only a Traumatic Brain Injury.
  13. smaxy

    Ayy lmao m8s!

    Hello, I've been doing not much... Taking a break from college and getting ready to go to work full time soon. Yes I remember talking to you back in the day, yes I stay pretty low on the interwebs. I gave my Audi car keys to a bimbo in 2010 and she rekt it.
  14. I joined and now I'll try to figure out how to use a microphone with it.
  15. At my frst glance it looked like Industry but after a second I don't know who it is.
  16. smaxy

    Ayy lmao m8s!

    Yes I did make an engine hack for CSS with a D3D hack for CSS, TF2 and DODS. But I haven't done any coding or anything since my C++ college class almost four years ago.
  17. smaxy

    Ayy lmao m8s!

    Final post... I found this on 4chan and I searched for this community.
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