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  1. I'll defend this point forever. Team Fortress 2 will never get old with the hat updates!
  2. All aboard! Choo choo...
  3. What's up with you guys?
  4. Any answers would be nice.
  5. It's almost Saturday! I wish Pepe could help me with my life's troubles!
  6. I first thought about posting a .gif file of a dog getting #rektd by a shovel but then I thought about the children of this community. Rest well Jonas.
  7. That's really nice. Oh, I'm sorry I haven't responded to that before now and I say that because now I'm busy after getting a second job after my college. Also, I'm not referencing the street. Which is my third job, just kidding and I say that because I don't sell that shit anymore.
  8. Anybody want to talk about beer? I like drinking beer.
  9. Tendies conversation? The last time I got myself some tendies I was hungry at a gas station and it was late at night. I wasn't anywhere near home and then I looked for what might be good to eat. I walked through it and I saw a pack of these delicious crisps in the freezer. I grabbed the pack, paid for it and then I put them in the microwave there. After they completed their cooking I dumped them into some finely crafted honey mustard sauce!
  10. Here's my waifu date for tonight!
  11. I'm just checking out if there's anything new here... Nope! Bye.
  12. You also need some leather. Then you can be at home.
  13. Man meat in some leather? Perhaps.
  14. I played with those probably in 1996 to 1997. Those were some great times m8!
  15. 1999? I'd probably be playing Age Of Empires. FUCK YEA CHARGE THOSE VIKINGS BOYS!
  16. Here's a real OG musketeer.
  17. It's a party and just the two of us are invited!
  18. Who would ever leave the best tier?
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