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  1. Chatroom Thread

    I did see that happening a couple months ago or whenever I last typed that in for the giggles.
  2. Chatroom Thread

    AYY LMAO! ITS 2018! PS. POST 200!
  3. Stupid Fucking Images

  4. Chatroom Thread

    Too many notifications in one thread.
  5. Chatroom Thread

    What would a woodchuck say if it could say something?
  6. New Contacts?

    I added you on my seldom used NormieBook (TM).
  7. Stupid Fucking Images

    If only.
  8. New Contacts?

    I haven't used a Skype in years... If you're serious about me setting up an account I will.
  9. Chatroom Thread

    tfw no gf I don't mind.
  10. Chatroom Thread

    Hey friends, it feels almost as active as my cellphone in this thread.
  11. Chatroom Thread

    Sad day, I didn't even see any QT 3.14s and it has also been two full months since there has been any conversation in this chatroom.
  12. Chatroom Thread

    Who's getting ready for Valentine's day?
  13. Stupid Fucking Images

    I think I should act like the person that did this: Just throw your Christmas trees away by the freight tracks with the base still attached!
  14. Chatroom Thread

    I woke up this morning, took a swig from mua drinkin' vessel and I pondered how it was going on this board. Then I realized it's a graveyard. 2017 WAKE UP AMERICA!
  15. Is it happy new year?

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Was the forum down for anyone else a little while ago? I did check this site, it didn't work and came up with an error message.