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  1. We all can hope and I really like your signature. Back in the day associates and myself used to say that instead of saying the classic "fuck bitches, get money".
  2. I got the vaccine and it wasn't bad at all.
  3. I have a keen intuition that this year will bring new life to this community. 🤔
  4. The illness of Covid-19 effecting me personally? Not at all. Now for how it's playing out is annoying... I hope 🎅 will bring a vaccine. (Now if I take it is another thought in itself though.)
  5. Hello everyone, is anyone still alive?
  6. Is everyone okay with the whole covid-19 thing?
  7. Is this year happy? I don't know.
  8. We certainly had a glimpse of activity this year! Until I realized that the all of the ruckus was just spam bots.
  9. Update: I can play CS1.6 and I am terrible at it. 🤣
  10. It's all good with me, any game is fun. But for now my laptop cannot run any games and I've tried a bunch. I don't really know anything about competitive gaming but that is a cool story in college though.
  11. My laptop cannot really run any video games. After I got out of the hospital from my first non-dental surgery ( 1 & 2- warning the pictures might be gruesome for some light-hearted people) I installed Steam with the intention of playing CSGO but it kept coming up with some driver error and crashing. Before my dad's brain injury he was my go to guy with computer help, but after it he's of no help. So my best guess was to search online for it and that got me nowhere. I am reinstalling now and I can try again to install it. Plus I can ask here for some technical support! 🤣 I got you
  12. Nice trip and that doesn't sound too healthy. Maybe they should work on their air quality?
  13. Hello friends, how are you all doing?
  14. Finally we can go back to resting without spam.

  15. Here is my cat rubbing a blanket!
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