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  1. What would a woodchuck say if it could say something?
  2. I added you on my seldom used NormieBook (TM).
  3. If only.
  4. I haven't used a Skype in years... If you're serious about me setting up an account I will.
  5. tfw no gf I don't mind.
  6. Hey friends, it feels almost as active as my cellphone in this thread.
  7. Sad day, I didn't even see any QT 3.14s and it has also been two full months since there has been any conversation in this chatroom.
  8. Who's getting ready for Valentine's day?
  9. I think I should act like the person that did this: Just throw your Christmas trees away by the freight tracks with the base still attached!
  10. I woke up this morning, took a swig from mua drinkin' vessel and I pondered how it was going on this board. Then I realized it's a graveyard. 2017 WAKE UP AMERICA!
  11. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Was the forum down for anyone else a little while ago? I did check this site, it didn't work and came up with an error message.
  12. Du hast schei├če hosen.
  13. What a wise and almost a prophetic statement, wow I am thankful you said such wise words for me to use as a quotation for this community as a whole organization.
  14. Working and school. Sup wit u mua dawgie