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  1. Looking for a boyfriend!!!

    thx freind u b mua gurl 2nyght
  2. Chatroom Thread

    Rhydon evolved into a new Pokemon. Regardless, welcome to, the latest dating website around!
  3. This topic is simply matchless

    Thank you friend, we will talk.
  4. Is it happy new year?

    Will this be the most active topic for 2019 on this website? I can only hope so.
  5. Is it happy new year?

    First post in 2019!
  6. Chatroom Thread

    I haven't heard anything about him but I don't mind to publicly post my Facebook.
  7. Chatroom Thread

    I haven't checked back in a while...
  8. Chatroom Thread

    What's up my sad boys?
  9. Stupid Fucking Images

    Are the dead rising? No, GTFO! WHY ARE GIFS BLOCKED?!?
  10. Chatroom Thread

    I did see that happening a couple months ago or whenever I last typed that in for the giggles.
  11. Chatroom Thread

    AYY LMAO! ITS 2018! PS. POST 200!
  12. Stupid Fucking Images

  13. Chatroom Thread

    Too many notifications in one thread.