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  1. ​He readded a fucking Warez section, added a "Fappening" forum and spammed 4chan with fake advertisment about unreleased nudes
  2. Hello guys, I'm an ex-Fkn0wned.net admin, I quit right after TuxifiedD took over. His retarded decisions made me quit my Admin position, he basically started taking the worst possible desicions! Like adding warez back and spamming 4chan with fake advertisiment so ppl would buy VIP, what a moron right? I quit my admin position and I asked to be moved to RnR(Retired and Respected) a rank only Smods and Admins receive. I got it and then a few days later I was demoted to VIP ( with no VIP access) and it was because I disagreed with tux, he's a huge faggot guys, I quit, then the other admin quite and then the smods and staff quite cus they were loyal to us(me- electric and Fuser). TuxifieD is a huge cunt. He's only destroying Fkn0wned and he's adding the most useless shit like Warez and etc. he also got the .Fkn0wned.net domain banned. (He's still the owner of the .com domain).
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