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  1. hey guys

    Good old MSN Knobgobblers never managed to actually merge my MSN/Live Messenger contacts with Skype
  2. What is everyone up to now?

    Whatever lmao you just jealous,,,,
  3. What is everyone up to now?

    ​HELL NO. Not ready for that yet, really. She's the best but neither of us really care about tradition. So if nothing else, it would be for tax reasons, I guess. ​Instead of searching for something every time, you set up an alert and receive a notification whenever Google finds something new for the set up words/phrases.
  4. What is everyone up to now?

    Wow. Found out about this via Google Alerts. Forgot I had one set up. Great feeling to see the fam again! I moved in with my lady about 3 years ago. Working a good ol' office job for a big online retailer and on the side for a small indie game dev team. Watching lots of twitch and playing some BF3/4, Ghost Recon Phantoms and CS:GO when I find the time.