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  1. nasKo

    hey guys

    Good old MSN Knobgobblers never managed to actually merge my MSN/Live Messenger contacts with Skype
  2. Whatever lmao you just jealous,,,,
  3. ‚ÄčHELL NO. Not ready for that yet, really. She's the best but neither of us really care about tradition. So if nothing else, it would be for tax reasons, I guess. ‚ÄčInstead of searching for something every time, you set up an alert and receive a notification whenever Google finds something new for the set up words/phrases.
  4. Wow. Found out about this via Google Alerts. Forgot I had one set up. Great feeling to see the fam again! I moved in with my lady about 3 years ago. Working a good ol' office job for a big online retailer and on the side for a small indie game dev team. Watching lots of twitch and playing some BF3/4, Ghost Recon Phantoms and CS:GO when I find the time.
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