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  1. And according to ESPN Hollinger regular season, GSW is #1 in defense and #2 in offense. Cavs are #4 and #20. Golden State would have to really fuck this up not to pull out a Championship. If Lebron didn't whine so much about fouls, their defense would be better.
  2. Steph isn't the best 3pt shooter? He has the record with the most 3 pters in a single season at 44%. Kyle Korver has the highest % at like 48 or 49, but he only scores 12pts a game, plus he's a catch and shoot guy. He sucked in the playoffs. He couldn't go for the same volume that Klay and Steph does and keep his percentages. In 2012-2013 Steph shot 45.3 % at 22.9 ppg average over 78 games. Show me a better shooter than him. Closest that comes into mind is Steve Nash at 47% for 16.9ppg, but I'm sure that Steph could have a higher percentage if he was more conservative. Very few rookie head
  3. Cavs: Lebron James - 5 fifth straight final. Doing it without Kevin Love. Would be a Hollywood shit if he wins it for his hometown even though he said it would take years in his letter last year. Kyrie Irving: Good scorer and passer, but doesn't have the basketball IQ to properly run the offense. David Blatt: First time in NBA, Euroshit league for most of his career. GSW: No finals experience from any player. Steph Curry: Best 3pt shooter of all time time, regular season MVP. Klay Thompson is currently the 2nd best 3pt shooter right now. Draymond Green Neil Patrick Harris aka Steve Kerr: Play
  4. 2 different ones fattie, I literally couldn't put my arms around here. Black girl. not incredibly ghetto, but still cocoa butter. I make poor decisions when drunk. I didn't even exchange numbers, let alone add on Facebook
  5. ​Why did your family move to China? That's odd, are they diplomats? I taught English in China for several months. The entire time I was there the hottest Asian girl I saw wasn't even Chinese, she was Korean. Chinese girls like to have gross pasty white complexions and most are skinnyfat. Anyways,.I wouldn't live there for more than 6 months.
  6. I wonder if Eurofags think lowly of handegg as non-southern Amerifags think lowly of redneck NASCAR and WWE
  7. Jones wins in 2nd round against Cormier with fingers in his eyes
  8. recap from playoffs OSU vs Alabama Urban Meyer + 3rd String Quarterback + 2nd start ever > Nick Saban Battle of the Hymen Trophy aka Oregon vs FSU Jameis Winston finally knows how it feels to get raped. no means NO.
  9. I went by two previous names. One of them was started with a "W"(I actually don't remember) and the other was Photofinish Yep Yep(lol 3OH!3 phase)
  10. I remembered I use to post tons tc back in 2008. Had like 2000+ posts and reached 100 rep points a day before the site died out. tc v1 was only alive for a couple months. Can't believe people are still on this site in 2015. Dunno why you guys keep spawning the community as tc instead of Fkn. Sounds like the Tux/coke feud never died out anyways, how have you sad cunts been? Like seriously, how's real life?
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