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  1. What is everyone up to now?

  2. What is everyone up to now?

    Having some big tits? wat?
  3. What is everyone up to now?

    Whats up man? Just kold kickin it skr8 OG style lyke alwayz!!! How you been
  4. Chatroom Thread

    ​Were you industryHD ?
  5. rene linked disqus

    Tits or gtFo ​
  6. rene linked disqus

    I like her friend Lucy more personally.
  7. Chatroom Thread

  8. Chatroom Thread

    My shit aint even big enough to pass her teeth. She just tickles it with a feather causing me to secrete a single drop of sperm cell-less liquid.
  9. Chatroom Thread

    You like what she do wid da booty? Mmmmm... I still have splinters from that ish YkidzB420
  10. how in the hell did you get this? ​
  11. Chatroom Thread

    ​Ohh is that where she learned those tricks? I can't even hate you for that brah. Thanks!
  12. What is everyone up to now?

    ​That's good to hear man.. it really is... I did a lot of shit I regret but it was mostly because I was a young, angry and confused drug addict with a bad habit of self sabotage. It was something I battled with for years but I have over came it all. That's why I left West Virginia. Just wanted to put that whole part of my life behind me. Always valued your and your brothers friendship though..always hated how shit went down..
  13. What is everyone up to now?

    ​K is my FAVORITE! It's hard to find outside of the music festival scene here in the states, though. If you want some DMT hit up the dark net or look into acid base alkaloid extractions.
  14. What is everyone up to now?

    ​Thanks man. I have been lucky enough to inspire a few old friends to quit their addictions too and just knowing I can help people with insight gained from my experiences makes most of the hardships I faced well worth it.
  15. What is everyone up to now?

    At age 14 I had only done it once. I got bad off late 16 and 17. Quit a few months after I turned 19