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  1. Now i just realized i got trolled by the hacker too. The Unknown IP was a fake email. The only i have yet to get back is my Steam Account, my PayPal account tied to my steam account. They messed with everything but haven't seen to actually have used anything.
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    i dont have balls
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    LUCY IN THE SKYYYYYYYYYY with diamonds
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    Molly is a goood girl.
  5. ​I do it because i have a severe spending problem. This limits what i can buy throughout the year. Once the 1,200 is gone, i can no longer buy anything off Steam till Christmas next year. ​Yeah im really upset. I literally just put new money on it for the Steam Holiday sale. Steam is taking its sweetass to reply to my proof of ownership. But in all honesty, i just want my steam back for the friends i had on there. I met some pretty kickass people over the years, but to find it they deleted all my friends kind of breaks my heart. his guy hacked basically every account i ever had with this email. Which is pretty much them all, which is frightening. I had to show Paypal some proof of my ownership the other day because of this.
  6. ​I refuse to use someones visa. I like to keep some morals lol. Like how i would never use someones visa i found on the ground. I dont know if the visa is real, this is what a friend of mine dug up. I just asked him to find some info on this location i received.
  7. A friend of mine for the CC. IP was found by him logging into my account and it sent me an email. Also i got a email saying email was logged into at a different location.
  8. The person lives here. Idiot made a purchase and forgot to change email. 901 School St Leadwood, MO 63653 Here is their visa #: Mastercard: 5392-1948-4720-2941 Expires: 4/2015 CV3: 348 Pin#: 8147
  9. ​I have had no response from Steam since the ticket sibmussion. But it is the weekend so im not totally irritated yet.
  10. TL;DR Someone hacked my email is basically fucked my shit up. I have gotten everything back in order after a few days. Yes this happend on Christmas Eve. What a scumbag right? Well this fucking homo was stupid enough to take my steam and not make it private. http://steamcommunity.com/id/bossalexf/ my steam id used to be /imyourfriend/ and has been for over 9 years. now its different. If you go check used names, it is |Pipe Dreams| #BASED which is me. This faggot stole my name styling too. My account had over 1,200 in account balance. Which i do yearly. Thats mroe what im concerned about than anything.
  11. Welcome!