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  1. ​My favorite is still when he was talking in vent one night about paintball events he's won for like 10 minutes straight and I asked what his K/D was
  2. ​I never look at this thread, but the day I do, this is the first thing I see lmao
  3. Wackid here, ​can confirm
  4. hello it me industry 

  5. The logged in/out thing ALWAYS happens for me too. I'll be browsing General Banter with the sign in button in the corner. Then click on a thread and I'm logged in and can comment as me. Also, when I try to log in, it says my password is wrong. Then I go back and I'm logged in. cmon Rene I thought you did this shit for a living why doesnt this free site fucking work you dad lookin' motherfucker get off 7 Days to Die
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