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  1. also here steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/tyestor (i have a fucked GPU atm so haven't been using steam much recently) PSN: tyestor i just checked my FB. i have captainplanet, jewnaz and industry. i also apparently have this account added. kek.
  2. you can contact me on a couple sites, i have a facebook but i barely use it. i think i have captainplanet and few others on FB (maybe industry?) discord: azzindrac#7115 MAL: tyestor
  3. haven't been here for a while. surprised tC is still around. @Ghost is still alive (i think, haven't spoken in a while) add me on discord frens: azzindrac#7115 also, thanks for admin access, it has been been a dream of of mine for over a decade to expel jewnaz from tC thank you for this power, @Reneg4d3
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    love me some dota 2. the great western roster shuffle: part 1 is about to happen so keep your eyes on the dota 2 subreddit if you're interested in the roster changes.
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    ​why don't you just disable guest posting lol
  6. Yeah, if you're going to restore the old database (from whichever version you have), restore it for posterity. I think if we're going to do this whole tC thing again a fresh start might be nice.
  7. wow fucking onec0re, that was the other site i couldn't remember. how many goddam iterations of this site have there been lmao? EDIT: thec0re, r0b0tcity, electonic, onec0re...anything else?
  8. I can't get enough of Ne Obliviscaris ever since I heard them a few days ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsh9xzTCFRk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMorAdnCixg
  9. Here's some old emails/newsletters: 19/02/2008 - thec0re.net - Back online! You can't keep us down! ( Thec0re.net BETA - The next level. )‏ 25/02/2008 - thec0re.net - Closing down and moving back to gametration.com‏ 25/02/2008 - All Members must read this. ( Thec0re.net )‏ 25/02/2008 - thec0re.net - Ignore the last email‏ 26/02/2008 - Read this Members ( Thec0re.net )‏ 27/02/2008 - Thec0re.net - Feb 26th Newsletter ( Thec0re.net )‏ 4/03/2008 - All Members Read this ( Thec0re.net )‏ 21/03/2008 - Thec0re.net - March 21st Newsletter ( Thec0re.net )‏ 22/03/2008 - ATTENTION: Scammers and i
  10. I just browsed 600+ images and this was the only thing I could find that references tC in any way. Unfortunate... http://i.imgur.com/RGLuiTn.jpg Here's one from Fkn0wned after Shifty recommended we move back after OG tC died. http://i.imgur.com/Cbxvlcf.png - The warns were from Noname, he has a distinctive style. The person who removed the warns was Tux, I think. I blocked out the names/website because the screenshot was for a different site, if any of you use MAL, good fucking luck getting them to implement any new features (the screenshot was to show Fkn0wned's warn system). Anyway, I think
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