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  1. Happy 4th of July!

  2. gamertags or that psn stuff

    ​I will butt-fuck your dad with your mothers headless corpse
  3. Street "art" of Aalborg, Denmark.

    I did this a couple weeks ago, considering all the other flicks are simple throwups I decided that it fit in here.
  4. Vaping?

    ​Yeah but why not slowly kill yourself to pass the time?
  5. Vaping?

    ​You'll never be cool if you don't smoke junnez
  6. gamertags or that psn stuff

    ​Im currently Johnny Branmuffins
  7. Street "art" of Aalborg, Denmark.

    ​They probably did what they did here and keep the new trains in more secure yards. If you do that though I will love you
  8. Street "art" of Aalborg, Denmark.

    Try get photos of stuff on your trains or have they gotten around to taking the fun out of trains over there as well.
  9. Shit Posts

    ​Sure why not, I'd do the same but my phone camera is a heap of shite
  10. Shit Posts

    ​AWS would be a crew and its those are simple throwups, done to get more of them up in more places in a quicker time than doing a piece. Just simple stuff to get their crew name out basically
  11. guilty pleasure jam

    ​Yeah that bearable i guess ahhaha
  12. I have go and actually get decent connection on U.K servers, get a real timezone and we can play :)

    1. OhMyGawdzz


      i have no internet for like the next 10 days or so fuck sakes. il slap that ass soon

  13. guilty pleasure jam

    ​So my friend racked the new cd last night and we had a listen and it's literally fucking cringe worthy. Are you still listening to their shit or what? So, so bad