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  1. ​I will butt-fuck your dad with your mothers headless corpse
  2. I did this a couple weeks ago, considering all the other flicks are simple throwups I decided that it fit in here.
  3. Zantarax


    ​Yeah but why not slowly kill yourself to pass the time?
  4. Zantarax


    ​You'll never be cool if you don't smoke junnez
  5. ​Im currently Johnny Branmuffins
  6. ​They probably did what they did here and keep the new trains in more secure yards. If you do that though I will love you
  7. Try get photos of stuff on your trains or have they gotten around to taking the fun out of trains over there as well.
  8. ​Sure why not, I'd do the same but my phone camera is a heap of shite
  9. ​AWS would be a crew and its those are simple throwups, done to get more of them up in more places in a quicker time than doing a piece. Just simple stuff to get their crew name out basically
  10. ​Yeah that bearable i guess ahhaha
  11. I have go and actually get decent connection on U.K servers, get a real timezone and we can play :)

    1. OhMyGawdzz


      i have no internet for like the next 10 days or so fuck sakes. il slap that ass soon

  12. ​So my friend racked the new cd last night and we had a listen and it's literally fucking cringe worthy. Are you still listening to their shit or what? So, so bad
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