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  1. rage

    rage bored rage bored rage
  2. Coderzzzzz

    Being a Comp. Sci. major, I was wondering if anyone else was in this field or just is interested in programming. I wouldn't mind getting together with some guys and trying to mess around with some code to keep current. Also, starting to worry about jobs and such after college (only have a year left), so If anyone has already gone through this and has some tips that would be great
  3. CS:GO

  4. CS:GO

    ​Aka lets get everyone on for a match, so I can relive the old days. So nostalgic
  5. CS:GO

    BITCHES. Lets play competitive gogogogogogoggooggogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogo
  6. CS:GO

    ​Yeah I played with him the other day but I am too 1337 BAD for him
  7. CS:GO

    Has anyone gotten into CS:GO? I recently started playing again a week or so ago Steam: warhawk14 8---------------------------->
  8. Where's Tux?

  9. Where's Tux?

    This site has been up for like a day, I'm surprised we haven't seen the almighty Tuxified. BRB getting DDOS threats from groupies
  10. gamertags or that psn stuff

    ​If we get a vent, then it is inevitable that prank calls will be soon to follow :))))))))
  11. gamertags or that psn stuff

    ​xfire soooo OP
  12. Chatroom Thread

    ​I thought we were trying to be like fkn tho....
  13. gamertags or that psn stuff

    steam: warhawk14 I play cs go trigggasss
  14. Let's get more people.

    someone find NoName. He is probably in jail or a victim of a sex crime.
  15. Chatroom Thread

    put a shoutbox, so i can rage it