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  1. New Contacts?

    Reach me on fb anytime. Ahaha. Woo0 woop. Aint seens aftetyoy or smax in a min
  2. gta online hiests

    just came out, if you got xbox one lets play in few hours BLAIR 007
  3. Old thec0re shit from broken hard drive

    i just reminisced so hard
  4. History of tC

    me and nur5 are good buddies, maybe junnez is too
  5. Old thec0re shit from broken hard drive

    NIGRAT IS THE GUY, real name dominique or something
  6. ITT: 3 bugs ive encountered

    yo what up like i got a big cock
  7. Better Call Saul CaptainPlanet

    so im saul, why is captainplanet trying to steal my threead name???!?
  8. Better Call Saul CaptainPlanet

    why is my name in thread doe?
  9. Better Call Saul CaptainPlanet

    yeah i am its great
  10. Ayy lmao m8s!

    you made that one hack for css awhile ago right ? cause i remember smaxyhack but it coulda been spazyhack but smaxy sounds right. i loved that shit it was legit as fuck
  11. house of cards

    archer is good i dont watch too many comedies
  12. house of cards

    star trek voyageur stargate atlantis fringe LOST the strain (pretty cool concept) game of thrones trueblood entourage for laughs shameless breaking bad better caul saul (pretty cool) Dexter Archer Marvels agent of S.H.I.E.L.D Agent carter (good background to captain america) couple of good but cancelled shows (some have multiple seasons) dollhouse continuum V Threshold The event (one of my favorite) Almost human The sword of truth (s1 and s2 correspond to books out of a 13+1 part book series) farscape Jericho most if not all avaiable for streaming through all free in browser streaming,personally for new shows i use tvmuse as about 200 links are posted per episode many mirrors per library, and about 5 very common libraries are mirrored plenty. on tv muse you have to use the comment section to get to the links as the website is weird
  13. Chatroom Thread

    remember this?
  14. ITT: 3 bugs ive encountered

    searching "raidx" or anything and then clicking "members" filter to see those results, makes wait 30 seconds as it thinks your searching again. meaning to even get the first results you wanted to search for because there is no members listing, you have to wait 30 seconds right away going from page 1 to page 2 on any thread requires me to refresh or it wont ever bring me there. using chrome, 64 bit win7, but this issue also disables me from clicking anything whatsoever on the webpage unless i refresh. it logged me out even though im logged in always (this could be my dumbass fault, but i also wanted more than two points) just fyi i guess
  15. History of tC

    ​wasnt it nur5? or something close. raidx is around still is he not here?