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  1. Ghost


    Do we have a diacord yet? Assume most of you guys use it.
  2. What happened to Rhydon? Also hi spazy.
  3. Good post, can't believe Cavs actually got to the finals and GSW is a sort of surprise. Definitely disagree with Steph Curry being number 1 3point shooter, thats an obvious lie. Steve Kerr's credentials are way above his station. He was good but the Jordan Duncan Phil Jackson Coach Pop stuff is easily above him.
  4. ​Yeah English can be hard to learn junnez but you'll get there some day.
  5. Ghost


    He drinks and drugs like a troll
  6. Netanyahu took a shit the size of obama on palestinian trash and leftists everywhere by winning the election promising to be even harder right. Nice presidency obongo and nice "land" palestine. inb4
  7. ​racist, sexist and homophones[sic] aren't insults while they've been anti-zionist for the last 400 or so years.
  8. Ghost


    ​was getting bald part of your plan
  9. ​ ​Een prinse van oranje ben ik, vrij onverveerd
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