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    The dark net

    How does Evolution work? You bid on the drugs?

  3. You guys into craft beer at all? My buddy brews his own beer and is really involved in the craft beer scene. He went up to Vermont this summer and brought back a couple cases of Heady Topper, which is the number one ranked beer in the United States. I got to try a can, it was delicious. Very hoppy flavor, like an IPA on steroids. My favorite beers are: Samuel Smith's Oatmeal StoutSierra Nevada's TorpedoSierra Nevada's Pale AleAtleast, those are my go-to beers. inb4: pabst, coors light, fosters, budweiser
  4. Gimme a couple days and I'll get sanjuro and nur5 nudes to post on thec0re. I know zantarax been jerking it alone wishing for em.
  5. nur5 is one attractive brown skin.
  6. Industry


    I can't run cs:go on my computer. I'll play some cs:s. Yo, renegade, host a server!
  7. Industry


    ​I ate a ghost pepper whole, let me tell you, worst decision ever.
  8. Industry


    I like tf2 over cs:s and cs:go because it is class based. Each class has a different counter. In cs:s one guy with a deagle can ace a team, but if Im the last one alive on my team fortress team as scout and ace the other team that is incredibly more impressive imho. Counter-strike is just too one dimensional. The meta is the same it has always been. The community is toxic too.
  9. ​I absolutely agree. THis album just goes the fuck off in every way. EDM album of 2013 was Odesza's Summers Gone album.
  10. Industry


    ​I can't give anymore rep today or I would give you some for this. ​That's only 50% gay, so you fucked that up bro.
  11. ​I meant, what is it like living with a mental disability and extreme narcissism?
  12. ​ How do you even live in this world? ​this
  13. Industry


    League is easy to get into and just challenging enough. I dont give a shit about Dota because I've tried it and I didnt like the style of it. Its too complicated and I honestly dont give a rats ass to learn it. I hardly give a rats ass to learn LoL, I honestly care much more about team fortress 2.
  14. Industry


    ​take a look, its in a book, its the reading raaaainbooow
  15. Industry


    ​lol what? I played like 20 games and had enough to buy one of the most expensive heroes. Its not too bad.
  16. my mom or wackid's mom? post picks of hot babes. Totally nsfw thread tbh.
  17. Industry


    he is actually being a productive member, this is so weird. discuss.
  18. Industry


    ​Don't play with Mystik, he's a cry baby about video games and finds anyone to blame for poor in-game play besides himself.
  19. Yea I didn't write that second set of bars, they are wack as fuck.
  20. Industry


    ​Oh, whatever. You can buy heroes with IP so that's fine.
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