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  1. ​I want to drink PBR instead (mouse piss)
  2. ​I know right? I'm not dead yet, still kickin it in the streets and I still don't fuck with police.
  3. ​I hope that's how I go.
  4. ​Eh, yea, nice titties doe. ;-)
  5. Nasko always had the sensibility and subtle troll on lock.
  6. ​ ​Yea. PBR is good out of a tap. Cans fuck everything up I swear
  7. Industry


    Who even has access to a botnet anymore?
  8. ​What is that????? Also, happy to see you Nasko :) You and your lady tie the knot yet?
  9. nice guy sanjuro friendzone?
  10. Industry


    I think we are getting Ddos'd?
  11. Best way to keep girls from fucking with your head is to stop thinking every girl wants to fuck you.
  12. I started talking to a girl but it turns out she is really politically-correct and loves tumblr so I'm trying to find a way to end it asap.
  13. ​It always tastes skunked right out of the can.
  14. ​Dad got a job at ChemChina in Beijing, so the family moved there. Korean girls are babes, but I like most all asian girls. (except fat ones)
  15. ​Nicholas Cage will play you.
  16. ​Somebody get me a priest, I want this demon exorcised.
  17. junnez, you slow, have you looked at my flow? im a certified master, your motherfucking lyrical pastor lead you like sheep to water, fat calf to the slaughter don't snapchat me your bullshit just bow down to my incredible wit and submit!
  18. Confirmed: Renegade cannot rap. Not even a little.
  19. ​Might as well keep in touch. If any of you die I want to know.
  20. Industry


    I was a Ravens fan before they won 2 years ago, but since then I have not paid attention.
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