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  1. I was talking to Jizznez
  2. ​Check my channel, there are 2 more.
  3. this thread got too gay, someone close it asap
  4. I sit around in my underwear and eat cinnamon toast crunch cereal bars.
  5. Industry

    LF & H

    I bet you it's Tuxified.
  6. ​I never saved any thing about you because I've been trying to forget you for 8 years.
  7. This community is almost a decade old. Wow.
  8. Industry

    LF & H

    Hunterbrute, ri0t, phant0mzero
  9. I didnt do that graff, that was Pandaface.
  10. I don't want to do heroin under a bridge and ride freights with homeless children, but I will smoke a little joint with you someday.
  11. >implying he wants to speak to you after that "one xfire day".
  12. What in the fuck is this? Can't post youtube vids?
  13. I didnt miss your lulz killing.
  14. ​It's a job, something there isnt a lot of around here. Plus I love the place, I have a lot of fun in China whenever I go.
  15. Went to college, partied hard, dropped a lotta acid. Had a few serious relationships. Family moved to Beijing for a year so I visited a lot, when I graduate this summer I hope to go to China to teach English.
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