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  1. I mean, we can play anything, didn't realize you liked TF2. I used to lead a few teams and even played scout on a few silver 6s teams. This was college though.
  2. yea, they should lol. Also fuck China, FREE HONG KONG. Hey Smaxy, you wanna play csgo sometime? Add me, my steam is still Industry1337
  3. just got back last week from 10 days in China, still coughing up the black pollution phlegm
  4. I'm not an engineer, I do permitting work. I went to China after I graduated college because I wanted to get as far away from West Virginia as possible. I taught English over there. South East Asia is my favorite place in the world.
  5. Hey guys, nerf, captainplanet, renegade, and I are in Toronto this weekend. We’re here for Raeddon’s celebration of life that happens today. Rip Eddie. a general update on my life, I graduated college and moved to China for two years. Came back to the states and started a job at an engineering firm in Washington DC. I still live and work there. I am 27 years old. Yall can find me at facebook.com/over9000
  6. You can find me on fb.com/over9000
  7. ​Not in NK ​Doesn't work. People who post that stupid little fucking anarchy shitpic about making moss graffiti need to off themselves in a bath of flames.
  8. ​Ishould have been more specific. They were tags scratched into the glass on the cars. You cant do shit about that.
  9. You wanna hear some dope as shit? Back when North Korea built a subway system, they bought some subway cars from Germany. Those carts had german graff on them. So, even in North Korea, the most locked down country in the world, there is graffiti. :)
  10. I like yung lean - diamonds lmfao
  11. ​It's a subculture. I'm sorry, Zant and I are just heavily into it. Don't listen to Zant tho, Denmark graffiti is beat as fuck. Ugly shit if you ask me. Like I said, Europe can't compete with the rest of the world.
  12. ​Americans forgot that when clean train policies were enacted. Freights ride way longer anyway.
  13. ​Exit Through the Gift Shop is a satire of street artists, just so you know.
  14. ​First off, no. No one gives a fuck about European panels. There's a new Euro panel video on youtube ever 30 seconds and they all suck. So what, your 20 man crew did a 6 car crew piece with montana in 10 minutes, it seems like an every other day affair. On top of that, Europeans have no fucking letter structure. All of their graff looks so damn trashy. I actually hate it and wont even give it a second look. It's part of the reason I never want to go to Europe, because I would have no decent graffiti to take pictures of. America still has the street bombing and handstyle game on lock. You can't even debate this, we have 246 crew, those guys are almost all-world with their graffiti. MKUE will be the first to go all-world for sure. These guys have the perfect racket too. They pay for a trip to Europe or Asia, spray paint all over the place, take tons of pics, then put them all into a 50 page zine. Sell the zine for $30 and use all of the proceeds to take another trip to another part of the world and do it all over again. It's beautiful synergy. Pieces are debatable. I think Australia and the US are tied on piecers. I saw that Sofles video, it blew my fucking mind, but we also have MSK and AWR, those guys are just stupid with their pieces, absolutely earth-shattering sometimes. ​lmao you're right. He really is the king. When he came to NYC and did his 30 days of street art thing, he had the NYC graffiti writers so pissed off. Everyone of his pieces just got dissed so quickly, it was beautiful.
  15. Pear, also one of the United States most popular.
  16. ​I don't piece, so you got me beat on that I suppose. ​No. For the most part, graffiti writers wish for legibility with flair or funk to it. Here is a piece by Kuma, whom I consider to be one of the most popular graffiti writers in the United States. When it comes to graffiti, the United States does it the best.
  17. ​Hey man, you tried
  18. ​you are such a new friend
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