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  1. I mean, we can play anything, didn't realize you liked TF2. I used to lead a few teams and even played scout on a few silver 6s teams. This was college though.
  2. yea, they should lol. Also fuck China, FREE HONG KONG. Hey Smaxy, you wanna play csgo sometime? Add me, my steam is still Industry1337
  3. just got back last week from 10 days in China, still coughing up the black pollution phlegm
  4. I'm not an engineer, I do permitting work. I went to China after I graduated college because I wanted to get as far away from West Virginia as possible. I taught English over there. South East Asia is my favorite place in the world.
  5. Hey guys, nerf, captainplanet, renegade, and I are in Toronto this weekend. We’re here for Raeddon’s celebration of life that happens today. Rip Eddie. a general update on my life, I graduated college and moved to China for two years. Came back to the states and started a job at an engineering firm in Washington DC. I still live and work there. I am 27 years old. Yall can find me at facebook.com/over9000
  6. You can find me on fb.com/over9000
  7. ​Not in NK ​Doesn't work. People who post that stupid little fucking anarchy shitpic about making moss graffiti need to off themselves in a bath of flames.
  8. ​Ishould have been more specific. They were tags scratched into the glass on the cars. You cant do shit about that.
  9. You wanna hear some dope as shit? Back when North Korea built a subway system, they bought some subway cars from Germany. Those carts had german graff on them. So, even in North Korea, the most locked down country in the world, there is graffiti. :)
  10. I like yung lean - diamonds lmfao
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