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  1. Upgrades = Success!

    Console Peasants
  2. gta online hiests

    Console GTA.....plz guys PC Master Race
  3. house of cards

    This show is so badass, just hate binge watching it in like 2 days when new seasons come out. Leaves waiting for like almost a year for a new one. This season was good, I admit the ending I kinda saw coming.
  4. TuxifieD is back on FkN

    ​People on here have been well aware of this for many years.
  5. I. Am. Stoned.

    I haven't smoked in over 10 years now.
  6. Elder Scrolls Online!

    ​Once you got to the point where you could well in Warzones it got alright. But Empire side is so OP.
  7. TuxifieD is back on FkN

    ​I knew it
  8. Guild Wars 2 for 10$ plus new Exp. Soon.

    ​I was hyped on GW2 when it was coming out. But heard so many bad things about an saw some early gameplay an was meh on it an didn't bother getting it cause didn't think it was worth the price at the time. Probably going to pick up the Deluxe Edition cause its only 5$ more then the Digital Edition. Maybe I will actually enjoy it if I play it, you never know unless you try right.
  9. Never have played a Guild Wars an with it going to 10$ an a new expansion coming out soon was seeing what you guys thought an if it is worth......
  10. Elder Scrolls Online!

    ​I agree, I only played SWTOR cause I got the collector's edition for like 40$ when it dropped from like 150$.
  11. Elder Scrolls Online!

    I haven't played an have heard mixed things about. Might be worth since it is losing the subscription fee. But then again Free to play games are meh most of the time.
  12. q:^)

    Umm taking one for the team with a fatty so my homie could get the better looking one. But he didn't even get me that was the last time I took one for him.
  13. CoCo

    I don't get internet fads these days. makes me facepalm
  14. Comp. Match cool downs in CS:GO are lame as fuck

  15. What is everyone up to now?

    Good to see nas made it to the show