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  1. Haha - maybe this year will be the one.
  2. Still kickin'! Hope COVID hasn't affected anyone too negatively πŸ™‚
  3. Merry Christmas! Another security update applied πŸ˜…
  4. Thanks Smaxy for cleaning that up πŸ˜„ Hope all is well with everyone! Had to update the forum again, looks like there was a vuln in the software πŸ˜› Never ending story πŸ˜›
  5. Industry, nerF, captainplanet, and Reneg4d3 R.I.P Eddie Quick update for me. I got my masters degree in computer science: cyber security and now work for SpaceX. Now I just make hax for the rockets πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ - 28 years old and married living in Los Angeles, California πŸ₯°
  6. We are mostly checking back in because of Eddie / Raeddon :( super sad. This spawned planning a MeetUp in a private FB group - do you have a profile you would like me to add to it? PM me if so :)
  7. Add me on FB: https://facebook.com/unholy We need to invite others to this site, not to revive it or anything but to let people know if they wanna check in every so often.
  8. I appreciate that bruh - We have taken 3 weeks this year to travel the U.S and hit as many states as possible. Next year we are planning on hitting up other countries so Denmark is definitely on our list. You better have a place for us :P haha For serious, we don't post drama on Facebook because ain't nobody got time for that! We just post updates people might think is cute or fun! Like pictures from our road trips or the new adorable puppy we just got :P Trying to do me, I just got a big contract and have the ability to hire other computer talent through my company and sub-
  9. Making dat money. Just got a 30k raise. Got my Masters Degree in Cyber Security. Just living lyfe nahm sayin? Me and the wife for you fags:
  10. Daayyyyyuumm - When we going to get everyone back on the forums :D
  11. ​Hilarious that now you quote him in your signature...
  12. Nope, just me being an idiot and forgetting to move the site over :P
  13. ​That pic had me laughing! Haha
  14. Had a failed hard-drive on my main server - while that is being fixed I switched the domain over to another one of my servers. Didn't think to move the sites over sooner - sorry for the downtime.
  15. ITT: Post stupid fucking images
  16. How do I internets?
  17. Alright fags, everything should be fixed now. Also, signatures have been enabled - You guys have to select that you want to see other peoples signatures. I see JuNNeZ signature, stop picking on him or you will be put in timeout.
  18. The default port just leave it blank and it will auto connect. Mine was already set to 64738 - Which is the default port
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