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    ​I'm 100% sure you are fucking detective of the year. For guessing correctly you get to choose from two secret prizes. Do you pick A or B?
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    ​no it isnt, are you high?
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    ​like and upboat my post for #IrishSolidarity
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    ​so you're in a coma right now hallucinating about thec0re
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    Making dat money. Just got a 30k raise. Got my Masters Degree in Cyber Security. Just living lyfe nahm sayin? Me and the wife for you fags:
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    He was joking, geez. It was heavy sarcasm, a thing Smaxy uses a lot. I'm guessing you have a butterfly, or a dove as a tattoo. You should stick around a chat with us, we're lonely on this site, Smaxy and I. I promise to not send or request nudes from you. Pwetty please?
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    I enjoyed it none the less.
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    Nah dude, I played WoW too much like 6 years ago. Edit: Maybe 8 years ago... It was before the Lich King expansion pack.
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    Ok, these ones are legal graffiti, it's an shut-down amusement park, made into a cultural meeting place. I have seen a tiny amount of graffiti on a train, I'm still seeking for those: http://imgur.com/a/9OzFs#zl511Po
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    ​You'll never be cool if you don't smoke junnez
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    Dear Junnez, As soon as I saw the anime characters pop up I instantly went for the close tab button. Sincerely, Smaxy
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    Netanyahu took a shit the size of obama on palestinian trash and leftists everywhere by winning the election promising to be even harder right. Nice presidency obongo and nice "land" palestine. inb4
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    i feel every post from ghost and zant should acknowledge their countries beatles. a simple "thanks h00ds" would suffice
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    ​No the alcohol counteracts itself and you end up with lemonade
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    I used to not really care to get drunk or high. But I enjoyed to make money off of selling stuff. I now enjoy to get high and or drunk occasionally. Now I have no in real life friends to talk to so I can't sell to anyone.
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    @Industry the term "new friend" is better then n00b.
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    ​Mufassa. On topic though, hows the right in Isreal a good thing? I for one support open borders for Isreal.
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    hate israel and everything it stands for. zionism is worse than fucking nazism
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    ╔═════════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ════════════════╗ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ you are a beautiful strong jet fuel ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ who don’t need no steel beams ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ╚═════════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ════════════════╝
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    ​Nah man, you're just retarded, there's a difference.
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    ​Yeah he was never really an autist untill hed been snorting ritalin for long times, was a slow descent in to it. Completely different to when he was younger. Dont think autism works in that way, I could be wrong I'm no autism expert
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    Your bud sounds like he was just autistic, tbh
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    ​had 1 and a half e's last night at da cloob and it was fuckin phenomenal, best night iv had in years im still kinda fucked now
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    You guys are all virgins. I've never been so ashamed.
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    The (common) encryption they use to communicate is called PGP (pretty good privacy) it's a two way authentication system in which both parties have a private key and a public key. The other parties public key is used to encrypt a message using your private key. Then, by using their private key and your public key they can decrypt the message. It's rather simple and extremely secure. The only way to access these websites, more specifically .onion websites is to use the Tor network. You cannot simply use a Vpn, however you can use a Vpn in combination with tor. I don't recommend using a PO box because you would have to use your license to register it. If you got caught using a fake ID then that's a federal offence. Instead, I would pick a house that is either abandoned or for sale and put a chair on the porch and remove the for sale sign when you expect the package.
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    HAAAAAAAAAAAA indu, fuck good on you junnez bro but seriously how are you not slaying dat pussay, you're handsome young lady
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    ​ ​I could write an epic tale of conquest and dirty whores, or tell the truth about me only ever have had one girlfriend and no hookups besides that.
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    ​He's a dickhead and so are you ahaha. Watched to many romance movies or something. Just stick it and run like a responsible stranger. Junnez is still in production stage I'm sure, there'll be many a tale after editing
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    ​Nicholas Cage would never go full retard.
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    ​Don't lie! You adore the BBW's
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    Did you know after the game, Oregon players started chanting NO MEANS NO, fucking hilarious. Fuck Jameis Winston.
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    ​Ah, back when Rapidshare was actually good.
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    ​what the hell are these? novels?
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    Restart since Nur fucked the flow: young sam the man, with the glock on the waistband hung man, no plan, but the hoes call me dick jam looking for beef I got this beam for police roll keef with a leaf, chop a dutch with the crease hot damn im the god, no chill on the internet givin haters lip through the guise a' the infinite
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    ​At the far right side of the comment there is a button that says "like this".
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    ​no, running around building shit is all well and good when your 6 years old and enjoying your new lego set, but why the fuck would you play a game with the only goal being to build some shit then be like "hmm..ok thats that done now what" literally every minecraft player i know is either aged between 8-15 or a complete social retard i can get people not liking dota, thats not my beef. people liking minecraft is also im pretty sure nearly every gamer cares about graphics, otherwise we wouldnt have evolved past the playstation 1.
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    I AM the internet.
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    ​This makes me want to shoot heroin and live on the street. 10/10
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    ​It's a christmas miracle
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    Moved back to Iraq in 2010(worst 3 years of my life), moved to Romania by myself in 2013, and now I'm in London studying Computer Science (1st year obvs)
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