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  2. Is everyone okay with the whole covid-19 thing?
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  4. Is this year happy? I don't know.
  5. Merry Christmas! Another security update applied πŸ˜…
  6. We certainly had a glimpse of activity this year! Until I realized that the all of the ruckus was just spam bots.
  7. Some people are reporting this.
  8. Update: I can play CS1.6 and I am terrible at it. 🀣
  9. It's all good with me, any game is fun. But for now my laptop cannot run any games and I've tried a bunch. I don't really know anything about competitive gaming but that is a cool story in college though.
  10. I mean, we can play anything, didn't realize you liked TF2. I used to lead a few teams and even played scout on a few silver 6s teams. This was college though.
  11. My laptop cannot really run any video games. After I got out of the hospital from my first non-dental surgery ( 1 & 2- warning the pictures might be gruesome for some light-hearted people) I installed Steam with the intention of playing CSGO but it kept coming up with some driver error and crashing. Before my dad's brain injury he was my go to guy with computer help, but after it he's of no help. So my best guess was to search online for it and that got me nowhere. I am reinstalling now and I can try again to install it. Plus I can ask here for some technical support! 🀣 I got you on Steam after the second try capitalizing the letter I. EDIT: 6:40PM 10/13 - I was able to run it after a couple restarts. Even on the lowest in game graphics settings my Dell Inspiron 5558 laptop cannot give me a playable FPS (I did also exit out of my browser to save memory. No problem, it had been bothering me and as soon as I realized that I had administrator powers I handled it. I noticed the software update but I didn't have the abilities to update it myself... Thank you for doing it properly.
  12. Thanks Smaxy for cleaning that up πŸ˜„ Hope all is well with everyone! Had to update the forum again, looks like there was a vuln in the software πŸ˜› Never ending story πŸ˜›
  13. yea, they should lol. Also fuck China, FREE HONG KONG. Hey Smaxy, you wanna play csgo sometime? Add me, my steam is still Industry1337
  14. Nice trip and that doesn't sound too healthy. Maybe they should work on their air quality?
  15. just got back last week from 10 days in China, still coughing up the black pollution phlegm
  16. Hello friends, how are you all doing?
  17. Finally we can go back to resting without spam.

  18. Here is my cat rubbing a blanket!
  19. Now that I have been promoted to an administrator I will make things great here again! - I actually cleaned off the board on 8/10 and setup a key Captcha for registration to lessen the likeliness of new bots.
  20. Well, permitting work sounds close enough to be an engineer with me! But I can respect the feeling of leaving your home area for a break.
  21. I'm not an engineer, I do permitting work. I went to China after I graduated college because I wanted to get as far away from West Virginia as possible. I taught English over there. South East Asia is my favorite place in the world.
  22. its been years since I been on the site Fkn0wned so I searched it in google and this came up, is this the remnants of it?
  23. Industry, nerF, captainplanet, and Reneg4d3 R.I.P Eddie Quick update for me. I got my masters degree in computer science: cyber security and now work for SpaceX. Now I just make hax for the rockets πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ - 28 years old and married living in Los Angeles, California πŸ₯°
  24. Have fun up there & RIP. That must have been quite the journey to get to China & did you study the practice of engineering over there, or was that an unrelated trip? Regardlessly, have fun up in Canada. PS. I saw your Facebook picture top & I still like freights.
  25. Hey guys, nerf, captainplanet, renegade, and I are in Toronto this weekend. We’re here for Raeddon’s celebration of life that happens today. Rip Eddie. a general update on my life, I graduated college and moved to China for two years. Came back to the states and started a job at an engineering firm in Washington DC. I still live and work there. I am 27 years old. Yall can find me at facebook.com/over9000
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